Breathe Yourself Calm

A step by step self paced online educational and practical course to help you overcome the symptoms of chronic stress such as poor sleep, poor gut health and poor mental health.

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You're in the right place if you..

  • Find it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake feeling tired and exhausted in the mornings  
  • Struggle with bloating, experience constipation, have poor gut health or IBS
  • Struggle with stress or anxiety based habits such as stress eating, nail biting or doom scrolling
  • Want to learn how to reduce stress daily so you feel calmer and more energised 
  • Struggle with anxiety or panic attacks and want to learn how to reduce their frequency and severity
  • Have brain fog, difficulty concentrating or poor memory 
  • Feel overwhelmed with all the confusing and conflicting health advice on the internet and don't know where to begin

What does the course include..

Video modules: 

15 compact, easy to follow video lessons that can be completed in 10 mins or less. 

Step by Step guide:  

30 days of guided habit building steps to ensure you feel confident in making small changes in your day and leave the course feeling calmer and more confident

Downloadable Life-Time Assets

Phone screen reminders so you stay on track to hit your goals plus downloadable, easy to access calming breathing clips for better sleep, eat and stress reducing habits

Fail Proof Questionnaires 

Mini quizzes to make learning easy and self reflective questions so you are set up for success

What will you learn..

How to reduce stress daily.. 

When we reduce stress daily (using science backed techniques) we have better mental capacity for improved mental health, reduce muscle tension for less pain and improved immunity to prevent illness

How to improve sleep.. 

When we improve quality and quantity of sleep we improve immune health to prevent illness, improve memory, improve mental capacity and increase energy levels naturally

How to improve eating habits…  

When we improve eating habits we improve digestion for food to flow through us better, improve nutrient absorption for healthier hair, skin and nails, reduce bloating, belly pain and manage weight better

And most of all you’ll learn tools and resources to feel empowered and take back control of your own health and well-being

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Lesson Highlights 

This is an educational course that guides you to build healthier lifestyle habits. Below are highlights from some of the lessons throughout this program.


Excerpt from lesson 'Breathing Break'


Excerpt from lesson 'Breathe and Sleep'

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not for you if.. 

You are currently pregnant.

No breathing exercises are ever recommended for pregnant women.

Read more about breathing and pregnancy here

We'd love to see you back here at a later date. 



This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your health professional if you have a serious condition.

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