How To Restore Gut Health

Aug 04, 2022
Restore Gut Health

Gut health is gaining more and more attention recently - and so it should be.

A healthy gut means we can: 

  • support a healthy immune system 
  • break down and pass food easily 
  • absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • create balanced hormones
  • maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
  • help regulate emotions

Many people reach for supplements or change their diet when they are presenting with gut issues, however what many don't realise is the number 1 thing you can do to restore gut health is reduce stress

And we can reduce stress in an instant when we learn how to breathe via conscious effort - that is - learning to breathe soft, slow and calm daily.

In fact, when we learn to breathe calm we can reduce heart rate, quieten an over active brain and relax all systems in the body. This action done regularly literally tells the brain and body 'we are safe, everything is a-ok, we can relax now'. 

 Breathing calmly doesn't just reduce symptoms of stress it literally helps turn on our own digestive system in preparation to eat a meal, which is essential for gut health. 

Additionally, 95% of our feel good, happy hormone - serotonin - is made in the gut. When we are chronically stressed, the gut produces less of this essential hormone. So again, reducing stress regularly by breathing soft, slow and calm, we are literally helping the gut be healthier and increase feelings of happiness

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