Clear Brain Fog Instantly

Jul 21, 2022
Women Head In Hands

One of the key underlying causes of brain fog is a lack of oxygen to the brain. 

And one of the main causes of a lack of oxygen to the brain, is due to constant anxiety or chronic stress. 

This is because when we are anxious or stressed, we have restricted breathing, and when we remain in a state of anxiety and stress for a long period of time we actually develop dysfunctional breathing habits. 

When we have dysfunctional breathing habits we are often over breathing - that is, breathing too fast, too shallow, too little or too much - it is different for each individual. Either way we are not getting enough of the #1 vital nutrient - oxygen. 

And as the brain requires a healthy flow of oxygenated blood to function well, it becomes severely deprived causing, maintaining or aggravating poor memory, poor focus, inability to think clearly  and other brain fog symptoms. 

So what can you do about it? 

You can clear brain fog in seconds when you learn to breathe via conscious effort. That is - breathing soft, slow, gentle, calm inhales and even softer, slower, calmer (and longer) exhales - always through the nose.

When you do this, you are giving your lungs enough time to absorb the oxygen, which is then pumped through your blood all around your body including up to your brain. 

We have a complimentary calming breathing animation that you can download and save to use any where any time to help clear brain fog symptoms instantly  -

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