Pregnant? Avoid All Breath Work!

Apr 07, 2022
Pregnant Women

No form of breath work or breathing exercises of any kind (including breath holds, fast breathing, mouth breathing) are suitable for pregnant women. 

When we use breath work or breathing exercises we change the chemicals and signals in the brain which effects every part of the brain and body - including the reproductive system. 

However, for the health of the mother and the foetus the ONLY thing to focus on is to calmly breath in and out through the nose at all times. 

As pregnancy can change breathing patterns, post pregnancy is a great time to seek out a breath training program that supports better respiratory health, reduces stress and increases feelings of calm. 

Here at Breatheable we focus on gentle, calming breathing practices to improve respiratory health and enhanced wellbeing.

Check out our 6 week Breatheable Breath Training for post pregnancy breath health support.