Beat Anxiety, One Breath At A Time

Apr 22, 2022
anxious woman sitting on bed

Anxiety is often seen as a condition of the mind - as that's where the noisy anxious thoughts live. 

However, anxiety has genuine, substantial physical impacts on the entire body. Heart rate increases, muscles tense up, breathing increases, sweat is produced. 

As anxiety can be painful to live with, we often reach for an external antidote - medication, treatments, supplements etc.  And yes, these are valid and can certainly help, but if we don't address our anxious breathing patterns we will most likely remain in a stressed out and anxious state. 

What many don't realise is that when we live in an anxious state for a long time breathing patterns become dysfunctional. When breathing patterns become dysfunctional there are endless illnesses and conditions that develop that are easily misdiagnosed. 

My recommendation?

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