#1 Cause Of Hair Loss For Women

Apr 26, 2022
Beautiful Healthy Hair


Stress destroys healthy hair. 

It has been proven to be one of the underlying causes of at least three types of hair loss in women

  • Alopecia - where sudden large clumps of hair fall out 
  • Telogen - where 'more than normal' hair falls out 
  • Trichotillomania - a condition where one literally pulls there hair out due to feeling stressed 

Stress can: 

+ Deplete us of essential minerals and vitamins which we need to grow healthy hair 

+ Reduce blood flow and circulation to the scalp preventing health hair growth 

+ Create anxious behaviours such as pulling out our own hair 

We can take or use all the miracle supplements, shampoos or medications to grow healthy hair but if we don't deal with the underlying causes such as stress it will be to no avail. 

One of the most powerful ways to improve circulation, increase mineral and vitamin absorption and reduce feelings of stress is using calming breathing techniques. 

When we learn how to calm ourselves daily, using the right techniques, we can literally hijack the stress response and breathe ourselves calm.

When we are calmer we are less likely to act on anxious behaviours, we improve full body circulation and we even improve our digestion so we can absorb vitamins, nutrients and minerals better. 

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